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Marketing services: branding.

Creation of a trademark

Brand is an understanding of vital values and aspirations, realisation of its important motives and incentives, the key benefits generated in the minds of the target audience in the form of definitions, verbal and visual elements and associations connected with a certain product. Corporate identity is a set of colour, graphic and verbal constants providing visual and semantic unity of the information proceeding from the object.

Branding is a reception of the additional benefit by means of penetration into the minds of people. It is a build-up of loyalty, based on feelings and emotions. It is a decrease in future promotion expenses and increase in shareholder value of the company. Branding is an intangible asset of its owner which guarantees high stability under the circumstances of a / in competitive struggle. It allows the owners to experience the difficult periods with smaller losses.

Creation of a product concept

Creation of a product conception means the development of new models of goods and services. It involves the improvement of the existing goods and services attributes. Comparing the products the consumer makes the choice or gets interested in such goods and services.

  • Description of the good
  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Range of products

Сorporate identity

Creation of a corporate identity is a combination of activities, methods, media and visual aids by means of which the company emphasizes its identity. Creation of a corporate identity is supposed to be a creative process, which can be composed of non-standard decisions and creative projects, or, on the contrary, restraint and consistency. It is impossible to imagine the well-known and successful company without its own, unique corporate style.

  • Phonotype (name)
  • Logotype
  • Sign
  • Patent verification and registration
  • Legend
  • Design of packages and labels
  • Brand Line
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Company’s letterhead
  • Facsimile form
  • Business card
  • Envelopes(А; B; C)
  • Folder
  • Seal
  • Postcards
  • Badge
  • Souvenirs
  • Special clothes, overalls
  • Corporate vehicles

Creation of an advertising concept

An advertising concept is an idea, a plan, paints, conditions, heroes of an advertising campaign, promotion and events. The advertising concept defines the advertising campaign purposes, the basic advertising media and advertising vehicles, which are used as the main advertising arguments / reasons. It is the advertising concept that answers the question «what should be done to please the customers? » The advertising concept involves the idea of performance, visualization, presentation in the form of a game and also working out materials which have navigating, information and motivation character:

  • The main advertising idea
  • Slogan
  • Commercials
  • Poster
  • Mobile (display, show box)
  • Hard poster
  • Light box
  • Outdoor signs
  • Media space for magazines and newspapers
  • Sticker
  • Wobbler
  • Price tag
  • Small flags stretching
  • Coin holder
  • Shelf talker
  • Leaflet
  • Booklet
  • Catalogue
  • Brochure

Creation of marketing communications

Marketing communications mean the process of transfer of information about the target audience products. They include various advertising media e.g. TV, radio, outdoor and indoor advertising, and public relations (articles, round tables, conferences, seminars, sale promotion, direct mail and face-to-face contacts).

Media planning is the choice of media vehicles (TV, radio, printed press and outdoor advertising) in order to deliver an advertising message which is based on consumer habits

  • Strategic and tactical purchases of mass-media.
  • Media planning
  • Negotiations with owners of the mass-media oriented to provide exclusive terms which are not even specified in usual price-lists

Estimation of advertising campaign efficiency

Advertising efficiency consists of observation of awareness of the target audience, its knowledge and consumption, change of the income level, the image of the company and its goods and also attitude towards this company and the products

  • Calculation of effect and efficiency indicators
  • Monitoring on the basis of broadcasts information (GRP, budget, overall time etc.)
  • Outdoor advertising (advertising location, format, budget)
  • Printed press (number of publications, budget, GRP)
  • Radio (number of broadcasts, budget, GRP)
  • Competitive analysis (share on the mass-media market, seasonality, choice of advertising vehicles and means of advertising)
  • Efficiency estimation according to research (audience coverage /scope of audience, knowledge of trade mark, portrait of the potential consumer etc.)
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