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«Brand analytica»: CEO`s profile

V.A.RafikovOur CEO - V.A. Rafikov.

Was born on June, 21st, 1965 in Novokuznetsk, Russia.

In 1988 has graduated Tomsk Polytechnic Institute on a speciality «the experimental nuclear physics», till 1991 worked on a speciality, has received the branch award in the field of nuclear materials technology.

Career in marketing sphere has begun with training in the company «Procter and Gamble» (Germany) in 1992 where took part in a launch of three trademarks «Vidal Sassoon Wash&Go», «Head and Shoulders» and «Always».

From 1993 for 1995 was trained and practiced marketing school on Cyprus.

In 1997 was trained on marketing at the University of Manchester in England.

From 1992 to 1997 worked in the American research company "AC Nielsen, as Director of Business Development in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic States and Belarus. Worked with international industrial companies such as «Philip-Morris», «Gillette», «B.A.T.», «Boots», «Mc’Vities», «Unilever», «Benkizer», «Procter & Gamble», «Wrigley’s», «Pepsi».

From 1997 to 1998 he worked as Director of marketing in St. Petersburg at the Association of medical enterprises «MEDI».

Since 1998 he worked as a Deputy Marketing Director of «Petrosoyuz». Participated in launch such brands as «Derevenskoye», «Stanichnoye», «Pokrovskoye», «Moya Semiya», «Mechta Khozyaiky» , «Khan», «Picador», «Mon Plaisir».

In 2001 held a post of the manager on marketing of northwest division of company "Coca-Cola". Developed local programs of advancement for such brands as “Coca Cola”, ”Fanta”, “Sprite”, “Schweppes”, “Fruktime”.

Since 2003 on the present works as the general director of Marketing Agency «Brand Analytica».

Since 2004 worked over creation and advancement various ТМ for the industrial and service companies. To a present situation works with such ТМ “GARRONE” (Vermouth), “Mechta Molohovets” (restaurant), “Blago” (vegetable oil), “Gurmi” (fish dry), “Bifart” (meat semifinished products), “RAUF” (Large format a brick), “CARIESANET” (stomatologic services), “Northern Dream” (a hothouse complex), “Clumba” (flower shops), “Marin Klab” (sea agency), “Silikort” (universal silicone greasing), “SHUMI” (wine), “Номе Queen” (the goods for the house), “You"ll Love” (the goods for the house), “Launten Ranta” (the goods for new year), “Bukatik” (the goods for the children from 0 till 5 years), “HQC” (multi profile corporation for gooods for house) have been carried out.

Acted in the Taurian Palace, at exhibitions "Prodekspo", «Batimat» and other thematic marketing conferences and forums.

On the basis of practical experience holds seminars at schools of St.-Petersburg doing business

  • St.-Petersburg State University
  • International Bank Institute
  • Northwest State University
  • Moscow International Institute
  • Moscow Business School

Knows English and a little bit German.

He is married, has a daughter, a hobby – design of interiors.

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St.-Petersburg, 191036, Russia
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