• Our philosophy is the complex approach to decision on a matter of our clients
  • Our specialists have wide and confirmed experience in marketing works
  • Our managers respond to requests very quickly
  • Our reports contain always clean and checked data
  • Our policy is a reasonable pricing
  • Our methods ensure expected results
  • Our markets need for your investment!

Marketing services: design

The design is a creation of idea, transfer of an image and the message, mood, increase of aesthetic appeal, creation of the complete aesthetic environment of human life. It is process of creation of new subjects in which the form corresponds to their appointment, it is functional, economic, and convenient and thus also it is beautiful.

Graphic design

Graphic design is a creation of visual images and design which bear informative and emotional loading. It influences greatly the first impression of the advertised goods and services. That’s why it is necessary in the process of creating any advertising and informative materials.

  • Creation Corporate Style
  • Press advertising
  • Posters Design
  • Promotion materials Design

Communication design

Communication design is a combination of visual design and information development.

  • Creation of visual design
  • Creation of commercials
  • Illustration
  • Creation of font culture
  • Realization of printing processes
  • Creation of information architecture
  • Animation creation
  • Web site Design
  • Theatrical performance
  • Copywriting
  • Restyling of a brand identity
  • Editing

Advertising Design

Design of advertising is the attraction of consumers’ attention which is so strong that the person becomes interested in the subject of advertising.

  • Creation of illustrations
  • Photo processing
  • Preparation of dummies
  • Selection and creation of fonts
  • Creation of logos
  • Adaptation to advertising vehicles

Environmental and navigating design

Environmental and navigating design is a development of a brand idea, increase in efficiency of identification, constant communications with visitors and loyalty formation.>/p>

  • Design of a company space
  • Creation of exteriors and interiors
  • Working out of visual navigation in a retail space

Also we`d like to introduce to you our brandbook`s creation service

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