• Our philosophy is the complex approach to decision on a matter of our clients
  • Our specialists have wide and confirmed experience in marketing works
  • Our managers respond to requests very quickly
  • Our reports contain always clean and checked data
  • Our policy is a reasonable pricing
  • Our methods ensure expected results
  • Our markets need for your investment!

Marketing agency «Brand analytica»: History

2013 - Partnership with Leader Media Groups company, for full-service marketing, advertising and consulting customer services.

2011 - The company" Brand Analitika" is renamed in 2011 into" Brand Analitics";

2010 - MA «Brand Analytica» launch new service as creation non-standard methods of advancement of your company, your trade mark, brand on the basis of the newest techniques!!! "guerrilla marketing"!

2009 - Drawing up the anti-crisis analytical programme - «Operative scenario planning». It allows to reduce risks considerably while accepting managerial decisions under economic instability and the financial crysis.

2008 - Launch of ТМ «RAUF» for large scale ceramic brick company «Pobeda LSR».

2007 - Launch of new services: «Brand Audit» and «Capital of the shop’s ТМ».

2006 - Merger of «Brand analytica» and media agency «TV COM»; formation of advertising - marketing group "BA TVCOM".

2005 - provision of the new direction in the range of services - «Enterprise outsourcing».

2004 - Working out of a full-scale advertising campaign based on a market launch of «Blago» TM.

2003 - Expansion of the range of services: development of creative ideas, marketing programs for B2B and B2C, professional media planning.

2001 - «Brand Analytica» becomes the member of the «Marketing and Business Consulting Association».

2000 - «Brand Analytica» acts on behalf the American corporation «SBI» in the North-West region and becomes «SBI»`s  general dealer.

1999 - North-west region market appearance of the company «ABC & D» (renamed in 2002 into «Brand Analytica»).

Since 1997 - TVCOM agency database counts more then 1000 names of printing editions. Direct advertising and public relation.

1996 - Foundation of TVCOM - Media, one of the most rapidly developing advertising agencies in Saint-Petersburg.

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