• Our philosophy is the complex approach to decision on a matter of our clients
  • Our specialists have wide and confirmed experience in marketing works
  • Our managers respond to requests very quickly
  • Our reports contain always clean and checked data
  • Our policy is a reasonable pricing
  • Our methods ensure expected results
  • Our markets need for your investment!

«Brand analytica», Ltd - marketing agency of complete cycle. SPb,Russia.

«Brand analytica» possesses all necessary resources and experience for achievement of marketings aims of any level of complication!

The prolonged consultation and practical work with our specialists allows to provide to the enterprises stable sales, to reveal, how many it is possible to sell an existing kind of the goods, what volume of the goods can be sold the next months, year, to answer questions why sales fall or grow that it is necessary to make to sell more, to understand, it is possible what to sell easily and with pleasure!

Agency`s Mission

Our mission is providing of companies of middle and large business by professional informative marketing and consulting support for achievement of the put aims on the increase of sales, using innovative managerial tools, analysis of markets, creative developments and effective media planning.

«Brand analytica», Ltd - Marketing Agency 

Our marketing agency Brand Analytics provides services that result in a significant increase in sales volume of the customer. Invest in your company About now! We offer a variety of methods and tools to achieve this goal.

For example, a market analysis to help determine the current situation in the particular area of ​​business, which, in turn, will allow you to quickly and accurately respond to any of the competing organizations. Also, many companies will be useful to conduct a sales analyst for a particular shop, to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Recently, more and more organizations seek to conduct branding (brand building) - and this is absolutely the right decision, as to be recognizable to the consumer to have a stable image in his head, finally, cause positive emotions one of its kind - the main advantages of any product. Our agency has repeatedly conducted comprehensive measures for branding and re-branding of products and services, so we can offer the customer oiled machine and proven tools for the creation and promotion of the original brand.

Equally important is the development of corporate identity of your company. Actually, the main reasons are the same as that of the brand creation, much of these areas overlap, but neither one of them should not be neglected. Yet, speaking of corporate identity, we mean not only the attitude of the public to us, but also the internal corporate environment.

As is known, a necessary condition for the development of the company - the continuous development. That it will provide business consulting - a set of measures that will provide answers to questions such as: the way to the introduction of a new strategic plan for the development, evaluation and search for new markets, the efficiency of investment, etc.

If Consulting strengthens your organization from the "inside", the market research will become an indispensable tool for tracking activity of competitors and changes in consumer preferences. Have the information, you will be much easier to make the only right decision. Here you can order individual study or buy one ready-made.

Professional marketing company will be able to become a reliable partner for any company whose cooperation can at times increase the profit of the firm. With the knowledge and experience of our professionals, we can clearly identify the market needs and work with you to develop a product that meets those needs. In addition, knowledge of modern advertising techniques gives us a unique opportunity to convey a specific message to a targeted audience, with nearly 100% hit. Your product will be topical, relevant and desirable. About him know your customers.

«Brand analytics», Ltd
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