• Our philosophy is the complex approach to decision on a matter of our clients
  • Our specialists have wide and confirmed experience in marketing works
  • Our managers respond to requests very quickly
  • Our reports contain always clean and checked data
  • Our policy is a reasonable pricing
  • Our methods ensure expected results
  • Our markets need for your investment!

Marketing services: internet services

The Internet services are creation of the web site structure and design of the web sites, their registration and placing in the global information system. They are the exhaustive promotion of the company Internet resources, according to the real search inquiries of the target audience.

Redesign & Rebuilding Web Sites

  • Technical project working out
  • Working out of the interface and structure of sections of a server
  • Working out of a corporate style of a server (with existing attributes of image of firm or with creation new)
  • Working out of scripts
  • Working out and support of databases and interactive interfaces to them
  • A program part of a site and data of scripts
  • Working out of toolkit for increase in an overall performance of a web site
  • Imposition and placing of pages of the text
  • Scanning new and processing of existing photographic materials
  • Placing of photos and-or drawings
  • Optimisation for search systems
  • Connection (if necessary) external scripts / of modules
  • Installation of system of statistics

Optimization Structure & Site Content

  • The analysis and drawing up of keywords
  • A writing of meta-tags with keywords (title, description, keywords)
  • Content optimisation, allocation in a special way keywords in a content
  • Installation of a script of statistics for reception of all-round reports: Attendance, The Audience, By what inquiries have come, Whence, Etc. – all about 30 reports
  • Promotion of a site and advancement on keywords
  • Site registration in russian search systems: Yandex, Rambler, The Basic western searchers (Google, MSN, AltaVista, Yahoo + catalogue Dmoz)
  • Site registration in thematic sections of catalogues of sites (~1000 catalogues)
  • Placing of advertisements on thematic bulletin boards (some hundreds boards, announcements, placing - once a week)
  • An exchange of references and banners for increase in attendance of a site and its citation index (quotability)
  • Installation of a script for an exchange of references with other web masters
  • Selection of resources for an exchange of references
  • Negotiating with administration of the chosen resources and placing of banners and References

Technical Support Site

  • Dispatch of announcements on boards (once a week)
  • A constant exchange of references with owners of other resources for Index increase citation
  • Updating of pages of a site
  • Placing of new photographic materials
  • Placing of news
  • The analysis of statistics and granting of the expanded reports of calling of visitors, keywords, referring pages, depths of viewing of the site, popular pages and many other reports

Set advertising and technical supports will allow

  • To Involve New Clients on a Site
  • To Increase Goods Turnover
  • To Optimize Expenses
  • To Increase Profitability of your Business
  • To Spend Effective Advertising Campaigns with the least investments of money resources
  • To Adjust Business ties with New Partners
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