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June, 2018

CEO MA Brand Analytics conducted  a Work Shop for Russian & West Company.Planning marketing and advirtising campaign.

September, 2017

September 2017

July, 2017

July 2017

November, 2015

Together with TVCOM Productions launched the third wave of Image AD Campaign for JSC KARAVAY "Taste Familiar from Childhood".

October, 2015

Conducted Monitoring of Price and  Consumer Studies on MKI DKH by major Russian Cities in Crackers, Barncam, Classic Straws and Sponge Cakes. 

October, 2015

CEO MA Brand Analytics conducted  a Work Shop for the North -West Branch of American Innovative Company Zebra Marketing UP.Technology Suсcesssful Marketer.

August, 2015

Conducted an in-depth study on the Potential Demand for New Varieties of Bagels MKI at Public Catering Enterprises in Saint Petersburg.

May, 2015

A consumer study on Easter conducted in Saint Petersburg

April, 2015

Together with TVKOM launched a second wave of advertising campaign for TM UGOLKI OAO KARAVAY. Sales Growth for TM UGOLKI was 40 %. Spontaneous Knowledge of TM "UGOLKI" was 55.2 %.

February, 2015

Conducted Research on Testing New Product Concept Varieties of Bread in Saint Petersburg.

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