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Marketing services: seminars

The marketing agency «Brand Аnalytica» conduct thematic marketing seminars under a concrete field of activity of the companies, and also private persons. Seminars are read on a specialised location of agency, or in territory of the customer.

Seminars are prepared for on heads and experts, in whose conducting there are marketing and advertising questions, strategic questions of development of the company, sales, works with clients.

At seminars participants learn how to define a realistic sales volume and to find out those marketing decisions which allow reaching it. All materials are checked up on daily practical experience of the Russian and foreign companies which do business in Russia.

Participating in a seminar, you receive practical skills and materials:

  • First, you receive a set of tables for ordering of the information in the course of acceptance of right decisions - concrete plans of action and forms for the analysis. Each stage and each practical step to your daily work will be easier and it is required to less time.
  • Secondly, the approach offered by us breaks all managerial process by marketing into consecutive clear steps, allowing to estimate effect from each action. It focuses efforts of the company, cleans unnecessary expenditure, and raises efficiency of investments into marketing. It will be much easier to you to give reason even for the most difficult marketing decisions, convincing of their necessities both the heads, and subordinates.
  • Thirdly, the exchange of experience with the leading expert and participants of a seminar will allow you to have a spectrum of professional solutions for your business.
  • Fourthly, the set of the new not published information, and also approaches to monitoring of the business press will allow you to have an authentic picture of the market and to tell about tendencies of development of the market and by that to provide to itself competitive advantage.
  • Fifthly, decrease in risk of acceptance of strategic and tactical decisions for your business is provided with integrated approach of approaches – cross check on each of stages of development of the decision.

Seminar materials are based on the newest western techniques adapted for the Russian market:

  • Market- Based Management, Roger J. Best
  • Integrated Marketing Communications, Don Shultz
  • Successful Direct Marketing Methods, Bob Stone
  • Business Marketing Management, Frank G.
  • Successful Marketing Plan, Hiebing
  • High Impact Business Reports, Kupsh
  • Managing Sales Leads; State of art Marketing Research
  • Successful Advertising Research Methods

Quantitative restriction of participants of each seminar – from two to twelve persons.

We conduct seminars and trainings for leading business-schools of St.-Petersburg:

  • The Saint-Petersburg State University
  • The International Bank Institute
  • The North-West State University
  • The Moscow International Institute

All seminars are conducted in russian.

The list and the summary of our seminars

Themes of Seminars on Marketing Integrated Planning

Seminar 1:
Comprehensive market description. Correct work with information sources. Company possibilities. Goods and market review. Target markets

Seminar 2:
Sales volume. Choice of the target markets and marketing aims. Positioning and marketing strategies. Purposes of communications: coverage and quantity.

Seminar 3:
Complex communications of the company marketing: the goods, the mark, the packing, the price, distribution, sales organisation, sale promotion, advertising media, means of sales support, publicity.

Seminar 4:
Stage-by-stage estimation of the marketing purposes in case of a wide range of products and a large amount of regions, evaluation of the marketing budget size and the budget structure. Estimation of marketing plan efficiency and of its budget

Themes of Seminars on Branding

"Basics of Branding".
Concept of the brand and component elements. Brand benefits. Brand positioning, brand vision and brand expansion. Pyramid of the brand. Structure of brand perception.

"Value of the Brand".
Concept of the brand value. The factors affecting the brand value. Estimation of brand presence on the market. Typology of brands. Dynamics of brands.

The role of naming in branding. Working out of phonotype. Semantics of the brand name, associative arrays. Estimation criteria of phonotype.

The role of packing in branding. Component elements of packing. Creation of effective packing. The rules of effective design. Legal protection of packing. When is it necessary to change packing?

The role of pricing in branding. Concept of consumer value. Pricing strategy. How to maximize profit by means of effective pricing?

"Brand Communications".
The role of communications in branding. Integrated marketing communications. Means of communications. Efficiency of communications.

"Investments into the Trade Mark".
The description and the market analysis. Geography and distribution, CDI, BDI. Segmentation and the target markets. Perception and attributes of the ТМ. Complex of communications, IMC. Trade mark development stages, the budget of trade mark creation. Appraisal of marketing efficiency, the analysis of return of investments.

"Brand Audit".
Concept of the brand audit. Index of brand development. Analysis of the brand condition, the analysis of brand identity, the analysis of buyers’ loyalty. Brand problems. The brand passport. Management of the brand in accordance with the results of audit.

Specialised seminars.

"Creation, management, development own ТМ (Private Label)"

  • Modern trends of the consumer market
  • Concept ТМ and elements making it
  • Creation and management ТM
  • Private trade mark СТМ (PLs)

"Estimation of efficiency of advertising / of an advertising campaign".

Effect and efficiency. Effect and efficiency indicators. Ways of measurement of effect. Communication efficiency. Economic efficiency. Ways of measurement of effect. The basic indicators of media planning.

"Basics of merchandising".
New Market Tendencies. Complex Marketing Communications. A place and a packing role in communications. Consumer behavior. Classification production. Types of outlets. Estimation of possibilities of outlets. Distribution. Circle of tasks and key rules merchandising. The goods display. Shop atmosphere. Means of support of sales. P.O.S. Materials and the special equipment. Stimulation of Sales. Mutual relations of the Supplier and the Seller. Dialogue with employees of shops. Production presentation. Interpersonal difficulties. Counteraction to Manipulations during Negotiations. The organization merchandising in the company. Service support merchandising.

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